Hi, I am Mike

I am happiest behind a camera (hence not many pictures of me exist!) and being out in all conditions.
My primary love is landscape/architecture photography but I will undertake most subjects. I don't do weddings etc however.

I live in Romsey in the South of England and travel around to find a new and interesting take on pictures.


Architecture always presents its own difficulties. For example, this shot was taken on fireworks night and was meant to have a burst of a rocket above it, but the original builders failed to anticipate where the display was being launched from…

untitled shoot-20190705-0130


My portraits are generally candid and won’t be for sale. I do undertake commissions on occasion.


From macro to landscape, this is my happy place. I take all shots in-situ and try to do all cropping in-camera while composing the scene. You’ll regularly find me out at all hours trekking around to find the next composition.

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